The Ancestral Tradeoff: JEWS Becoming Neo Nazis

Croatia Jews snub official Holocaust event over neo-Nazi sentiment …

Deceptive Jews

Wherever there is money and power you can find them especially in politics, judicial other positions where power unites with corruption. By birthright these Jews have traded their birthmarks for the mark of the beast. What we have now is a coupe d’etat. Not all of them are Jewish but many of them are. And what a sick act of twisted deception and betrayal that a Jew would become a Neo Nazi. JonAk – Rush Hour/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC)

Patrol 36 (Hebrew: פטרול 36‎, [paˈtrol ʃloˈʃim ve ˈʃeʃ], Russian: Патруль 36, [pɐˈtrʊlʲ ˈtrɪjt͡sɐtʲ ˈʂɛstʲ]) was a Jewish neo-Nazi organization, consisting of 9 members, led by Eli Bonite (born Erik Bunyatov in 1988), alias “Ely the Nazi” (Hebrew: אלי הנאצי Eli ha-Natsi, Russian: Нацист Эли Natsist Eli). The group’s members were Jewish[1] Russian immigrants aged 16 to 21. According to The Daily Telegraph, the men’s families were allowed to settle in Israelunder the Law of Return. Wiki

Group identities as elite, Illuminati, and professional titles all have advantages of concealing the true identities of the Neo- Nazi Jews. Their collective deeds and works will inherit and bear a surplus of the same rotted fruits as did WWII’s Nazis. JonAk – Rush Hour/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC)