Guatemalan Police Microphones God’s Message of Love!

A video posted to social media showed a lineup of National Civil Police cars in the streets of Guatemala. An officer used a microphone so that quarantined residents can hear his message. He encourages them to believe in God who makes impossible things possible.

Guatemala Police shares a message

“Today, the national civil police department is passing through the city to bring a message of salvation – not with our weapons but with the powerful weapons of God,” he announced.
“We declare that in front of this destructive plague, our weapons don’t have power, but there is a power – the power of Jesus Christ,” he said while holding what seemed to be a Bible in front of him.

“And today, the national civil police is present with the people to be united in faith, to be united in one heart, one purpose – that for God nothing is impossible. He fights our battles.”

Police Officers Pray Together For Fellow Officer Affected By COVID-19

He continues on by thanking the people for staying indoors and doing their part in fighting the pandemic. The officer encourages everyone to keep hope and comfort their families.

“Today, the National Civil Police is passing in front of you to say to you, God bless you. Take courage. Take faith in the God that we are bring praises and saying to Him that He is the greatest in all the world. What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

He concludes, “This is our message of faith and hope for you lovely Guatemalan citizens. Amen.”

Many social pages and channels shared the video uplifting millions of people globally. One viewer commented, “Wow. This is so beautiful and amazing for a police officer [to be] preaching the gospel on the street. I wish all police officers over the world would learn from this man.”

Reference: Christian News