Bible Prophecy is Happening Worldwide! (2018-2019)

[Bribery, and the Judas Sellout…] BIBLICAL REFLECTIONS ON CORRUPTION IN THE SHADOW OF THE CROSS and 30 pcs of silver… interest and to live according to God’s principles of justice … were condemned by the prophets even. Source:

Organized Judicial Corruption

When the judiciary cannot stop any corruption, including its own , then it is the judiciary that is housing and breeding all rot. JonAk – Rush Hour/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC)

The Judiciary is Not Fearless Anymore : PM Narendra Modi

Corruption is the flagship of fallen and disturbed governments. judiciaries worldwide have gained momentum and are now at a precipice, the tip place of an iceberg. Now they must set their NWO, in session . Corruption has a wealth of money and power, for a limited time, only. Corruption has chosen Satan (corrupters are the goats), but patient victims (the sheep) have faith in God, who in His magnificence has allowed man his own judgment to be that of sheep or goats. All faithful, endtime victims will be better off in a short term of suffering than an eternal Hell as will the workers of Satan. JonAk -Rush Hour/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC)

Justice Uwaifo Wants Corrupt Judges Jailed

God will lead his people on what to do. He always has in Christ. As stated in the sermon on the mount, every man will be rewarded according to his deeds because God’s kingdom is coming faster than passing years. JonAk – Rush Hour/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC) commentaries