The Coronavirus Aftermath, Be Watchful!

One of the biggest scares today is the word– “GLOBAL”. Why? The global trend of events continue to muster into outrages surprises.

Maybe the dark, greedy cabal globalist are aiming to undermine everyone with fear to gain full control over people worldwide.

Who are the globalists? The fallen judicial systems, corporations, scientists, politicians, business investors, to name a few.

Never before in history has there been a great divide between political parties, and with judges and politicians who work against the people whom they are suppose to serve. From this chaos is the rise of wealthy Elites and the Homeless. Presently, there has been no body of elected representatives to vehemently stand against the evils and obviously this is because the New World Order Agenda is still in the works by the globalists,. And unfortunately, many of our representatives have succumbed.

Nation can be controlled through a scare tactic as the Coronavirus, and the results can be imprisonment:

1. The implementing of police states on nations through lock downs, quarantines curfews, can be suited to monitor the frantic behavior of people.

2. Implementing the Coronavirus scare, can allow the NWO initiators to gain control over the demands for goods and services.

3. Furthering their tactics, the NWO initiators can ration water, food, medical and other services that are now easily accessible.


JonAk AWOLL/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC)

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