List of California Judges Involved in Scheme with CIA

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The following California judges were among those California judges who repeatedly violated massive numbers of California and federal laws and constitutional protections as they aided and abetted the sham lawsuit filed by the CIA-front law firm. Arguably, they knew they were blocking the reporting of criminal activities that had already, and would continue, to inflict great harm in the areas affected by the corrupt activities being exposed by former government agent Rodney Stich.

Dennis W. Bunting, Fairfield, California.


Dwight Ely, Fairfield, California.


Michael McInnis, Fairfield, California.


Harold F. Wolters, Fairfield, California.


William Jensen, Fairfield, California.


J. Clinton Peterson, Fairfield, California.


Donald King, California Court of Appeals, San Francisco.


Harry Low, California Court of Appeals, San Francisco.


Zerne Haning, California Court of Appeals, San Francisco.


All justices of California Court of Appeals (except Stanley Mosk who initially sought to support Stich’s defenses).

Lawyers and law firms involved included, among others, who were named in lawsuits and protected by federal judges:

Jeffrey S. Ross, San Francisco area.


Lawrence A. Gibbs, San Francisco area.


Stanley J. Friedman. San Francisco.


Paul G. Sloan, San Francisco.


Friedman, Sloan and Ross law firm, San Francisco (CIA-front ACLU member)


Joshua Landis, Las Vegas.


Lawrence Goldberg, San Francisco area.


Terrance C. Stinnet, San Francisco area.


Goldberg, Stinnet and McDonald, San Francisco area.


Christopher A. Goelz, San Francisco area.


Merle C. Meyers, San Francisco area.


Susan E. Weber, San Francisco area.


Rene Feinstein, Las Vegas.


Estelle Mannis, Oakland area.


Kent L. Mannis, Oakland area.


Vernon Bradley, San Francisco area.


Jerome Murray, San Francisco area.


Charles Duck, Trustee and embezzler.


And many more.
To add to this list, please leave all info in comment, which will not be publushed.

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