In looking back over the years of the 1960s and 1970s, I recall many young whites and especially blacks had began labeling autocrats, cops and judicial judges as Pigs and Demons. But, the acts of abusive power were not intact or as blatant as they are today. My belief is that the Babyboomer generation (teens and young adults of the 1960s and 1970s) foresaw America’s corrupt future.

Corruption is prominent by Whiteness, Wealth, Power and the networking of Whiteness, Wealth and Power! AND, THE COLOR OF CORRUPTION DISGUISES ITSELF SO WELL, UNDER THE COLOR LAW!

A COMMENTARY BY: JonAk – AWOLL/AmericaOnCoffee (AOL)

(CNN)Few police officers ever face trial for shooting deaths, let alone are convicted.

In recent years, fatal shootings of unarmed black men across the United States have sparked outrage and concerns over police use of lethal force. Despite several high-profile cases and increased video evidence, convictions have been rare. 
One researcher reported that there are about 1,000 police shootings each year in the United States. 
Between 2005 and April 2017, 80 officers had been arrested on murder or manslaughter charges for on-duty shootings. During that 12-year span, 35% were convicted, while the rest were …

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