Too MUCH PLASTIC And The World That Fell Apart


The world was too busy and having fun, the ideas of convenienced poured out in tons.

It was when the milkman and bottling companies were no more, life became phony to the core;

Never forget the shatters of glass that distorted our hearts from straight paths. Was it the hardness of the break, that made our world fake?

And was it the choice of cheap that made the usa weak?

When did we realize that America had gone plastic?

Now our lives are forever changed with our minds stressed out and deranged

And when paper became too rigid, the dollar became equally timid.

Then came the plastic credit cards which attracted betrayal with lands afar.

We Should Have Known that automation was a producer of plastic people and a plastic nation; this is when, America became an interface and its workers more and more displaced;

Organized Plastic, is a controlling scheme that overwhelms our lives with unsightly scenes.

What a backhand slap, no nation needs that!

Never are there gratuities using plastic bags they are ecologically challenged and manipulated fads

Plastic conveniences in plastic toys?

They are fake thrills to children, and bring them no real joy;

Plastic tools used on plastic bolts, bring calamities within our usa infrastructure and gives us no hope.

Can it be true that plastic doors and walls are the same installs at our border walls?

How much more will America fall?

©2019 JonAk(AmericaOnCoffee/(AWOLL)


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