The elected wealthy government leaders and officials are not by the people or for the people but…

above the people.

They walk near the homeless because they must. And while near them, they don’t look at. them, they look away or through them.

Today, in nations throughout the world, a sharp economic contrast has emerged. It is a great divide of haves and havenots.

The world governments together have created the subculture monster called homelessness which increases at an enormous rate.

When governments make their people unproductive, criminalize and demoralize them into becoming a public nuisance, then, there must be a master plan to put forth more oppression and gain power.

The creation of a subculture within (a supposedly civilized) government is inhumane and clearly shows there is a growing absence of God in the hearts of men.

Ideologies of power and greed primed from the Nazis and fueled by modern technology is none other than moral blindness to God’s truth.

George R. (homeless)


(APN) ATLANTA — For at least the last nine years, the City of Atlanta has continued to arrest people for violating seven laws contained in Chapter 106 (“Offenses and Miscellaneous Provisions”) that have the actual or potential effect of criminalizing homelessness, Atlanta Progressive News has learned.

For some of the ordinances it is not immediately clear how many of the arrests were of homeless persons; while with other ordinances, like urban camping and panhandling, it is clear that many, if not all, were of people currently experiencing homelessness.

full story at source

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