Corruption Fuels Climate Changes

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What actually fuels climate changes and calamities in nature, are man’s fallen morals as he turns away from God. The fall not only affects human nature, but all of man’s interactions with life on earth.

Nature stops responding favorably as man’s spirit becomes more and more corrupt. When evils within the hearts and minds of men increase, the climate responds with the same characteristics as man’s spirit, belligerent.

It is man himself who continually destroys his relationship with his fellow man, and the environment. Nowadays, corruption and environmental calamities are in the same tempo and temperament.

Man continues to base his understanding of climate changes and calamities solely on theory. In his godlessness, arrogance. and stubbornness, man seeks only scientific resolves.

The absolute resolves on the increasing climate changes and calamities, are based on bibical and spiritual principles.

Turning to God, away from sin and being in constant prayer will bring man back into the harmony, created for him with nature.

JonAk – AmericaOnCoffee (AWOLL)

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