(Ireland) Homeless activists vow to remain in vacant house ‘indefinitely’

Protesters hold Leo Varadkar masks outside the house in Ballybough which has been occupied by activists since Tuesday. Photograph: James Forde

Groups want council to buy property in north inner city Dublin for social housing

By Jack Power

Housing activists who are occupying a vacant house in Dublin’s inner city have said they will continue to do so “indefinitely” until Dublin City Council purchases the property for social housing.

On Tuesday night a coalition of housing campaign groups broke into the property, 35 Summerhill Parade, Ballybough, Dublin 1.

Groups involved in the protest included Dublin Central Housing Action, the Dublin Renters’ Union, and student protest group Take Back Trinity.

The activists held a protest outside the house on Thursday, attended by more than 100 people. The crowd wore face masks of the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, and heard from several speakers.

The home is believed to have been vacant since early May, following an inspection by Dublin Fire Brigade, which raised fire safety issues at the property, a Dublin City Council (DCC) spokeswoman said.

an excerpt from source

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