Homeless people in Saint Petersburg RUSSIA BEYOND 

2 thoughts on “Homeless people in Saint Petersburg RUSSIA BEYOND 

    1. Thanks Perry for your visit and feedback. I need to share: People of nations, worldwide (especially those with an infrastructure as the USA) have been outsmarted by a vast, treasonous Judicial coup d’état, that nations have constitutionally given power to. Judicial is where the power is. People cannot see The deception because the people are distracted by technology. People cannot see the deception because judges are mocking justice.
      The courts are courts sometimes and most often not. This corrupt Power has taken charge of money currency. Their powers supersede Presidential powers. Presidents worldwide are being torn apart by this secret judicial order(s) whose acts are a constant overthrowing through violations of bribery, coercion that is put upon media (fake news/slander), gov. official, persons for constitutional guarantees/businesses & job security. People of the world will stand up and will take back. Thanks again Perry.


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