You Don’t Believe it? An Attorney jailed for exposing corruption. This was the start —and

To Kill a Messenger — for Reporting a Corrupt Judge (This website was composed from 2000 to 2003 as events occurred. It is not updated.)
(Click on any underlined words to link to the document or other source material.)
On April 17, 2003, a 9-judge panel of the Washington State Supreme Court figuratively killed this messenger, then 24-year lawyer Doug Schafer, for having reported too much illuminating information in 1996 about a very corrupt judge. Click here for the court’s misguided published ruling. What’s more, the court’s black-robed lawyers dishonestly and maliciously maligned me with their many fabricated untrue “facts” and suspended my law license for 6 months. Click here for my statement observing that the court’s ruling destroys public confidence in our judicial system because it ranks lawyer-client secrecy as more important than judicial system integrity.

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