Homelessness in the UK

Citizens all over the world are beginning to realize that corruption (criminals) and homelessness (victims) are conjoined. A major question is, who can remedy these maladies? If you’re thinking that the resolve can be done through the courts, you are on the right track.

The Courts are not only in reference to the UK courts, but, courts allover the world, and in every country experiencing this homelessness crisis.

Since corruption and homelessness have sprouted together, allover the world, and the courts in every country do nothing …who are the perpetrators? Those who can do nothing (the homeless) or those who have the power to do something but do nothing (the courts)?

an AmericaOnCoffee (AOC) Commentary-

More than 50,000 people homeless in B&Bs across UK – almost 10 times official figures

Thousands being ‘forgotten in statistics’ as estimated 51,500 people found to be living in temporary accommodation – compared with 5,870 recorded by government, says charity

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