Cairo Egypt

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We would not be exaggerating if we said homelessness in Egypt is an epidemic. The homeless can be seen in every neighbourhood – more concentrated in certain areas than others. And more often than not, they possess nothing but the ragged clothes covering their backs and a piece of cardboard to sleep on. Many of us reading this right now will never fully grasp the reality of what Egypt’s homeless endure everyday because we have had the privilege of a roof over our head all of our lives. We have had access to education and food because we were born with enough money to make that possible. Not to mention that very few people in Egypt would be willing to provide the homeless with any sort of job due to the prejudices attached to them – untrustworthy, uneducated, desperate, and just not good enough.

For Ramadan this year, MO4 Network’s CSR department, #MO4Good, has launched a campaign to raise awareness about homelessness in Egypt in a bid to alter their realities and try to provide them with a better life. They have also been working with NGOs to raise funds and ultimately help end homelessness in Egypt.

To do our bit, we reached out to Egyptian photojournalists who sent us pictures that shed light on the heartbreaking reality that our nation’s homeless live everyday, so, hopefully, the next time you see a homeless person, you won’t view them as a threat.

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