Generation X and Millennial News Reporting Hipsters… STOP THE TRUMP-BASHING MIX IN JOURNALISM!

As you continue to bash your President (going-with-the-flow) and crooked politician and judges bash the people …. the more America will fall. Quietly observe the evil, greedy temperment of officials. Then youb will understand the politics of modern-day Nazism. The more unaware you are…the more difficult life will be for laws, jobs, housing and costs—

An AmericaOnCoffee Commentary

Get to the nuts and bolts of the story!!

The trending word is NOT “Donald Trump or Trumping”! The gust of the story is “Treason”!


If you cannot uphold patriotism in journalism… YOU are a perpetrator of fake news… and, too…you are shainted painted, lost-millennial hipsters. When it comes to patriotism, you have no understanding of love and respect to: God, family and country. Politically and technologically, you are bot-byte co-dependent. Three tips:

  • Report clear.
  • Stay with facts.
  • Stop the distracts.

Above is an AWOLL commentary (AmericaOnCoffee)

He Dares Call It Treason

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters DAVID A. GRAHAM

Even if the president is semi-joking, that doesn’t make his accusations against Democrats and an FBI agent any less dangerous.



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