“Millennials Speak on Corruption …..”

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Corruption is a key impediment to development, competitiveness and stability in both emerging and developed economies. The UN’s MY World 2014 survey also identified transparency and corruption as a top priority for people under the age of 34.

To further explore the view of this demographic (specifically “millennials” – those aged 18-34) on this topic, a survey was distributed to millennial networks of each organization involved in this project.

The survey suggests that the two issues regarded as most important by those millennials in the survey are the impact corruption will have on growth and what other impacts it will have on the future, including voting and the public sector as a career choice.

As the generation that will live with the consequences of today’s corruption the longest, it is important that its voice is heard, and its concerns acted on.

With this initial group of respondents, this survey provides a starting point to understanding the full scope of this generation’s perspectives on this issue. It is our hope it encourages more millennials to engage in the subject of corruption, helps them understand the scale of the problem, and encourages them to play a role in helping create an environment where it cannot flourish.

Survey Results

1. Corruption is… (choose all that apply)

When asked to describe the impact of corruption, the vast majority of those we surveyed believe corruption is holding their country back, and depriving their generation of opportunity.

Corruption is holding my country back

Read more from source: partnering against corruption

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