President Trump promised to clean up the Swamp in Washington D.C.

But what about the biggest Swamp in America? The massive Swamp in the United States District Court System, where America’s Federal Judges have become mini-Gods, above all laws, as they openly torture Disabled Veterans, fixing cases for bribes, gifts, friends, and to repay political favors to the Corporations that had their lobbyists bribe our politicans, to get America’s Corrupt Judges appointed.

America’s Disabled Veterans going to the Courts against the Department of Veterans Affairs for illegally shredding their VA Records, or the DVA committing some other crime to cheat them, have quickly learned how corrupt, and dishonest, America’s Federal Court System really is.

Now the corruption in the Federal Courts, and the boldness of America’s Elitist Judge-Gods, whom are above the law, and have no ethics, has reached the point that Federal Judges in the Eleventh Circuit openly torture America’s Disabled Veterans, targeting the disabilities of Disabled Veterans, while using torture like Court-Ordered Sleep Deprivation, in schemes by Federal Judges to cause the death of Veterans, in schemes as the Courts in the Eleventh Circuit fix cases for their “friends”, or to repay Political Favors. 

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