Praying for Courts and Judicial Systems     …Lord Have MERCY

Your city may have many kinds of courts in its judicial systems which guide the justice of the City. There may be local magistrates courts, city courts, county courts, state courts, federal courts and Juvenile Court. God loves righteousness and hates lawlessness (Psalm 45:7), and is righteous in all His ways (Psalm 145:17). The scepter (authority) of His Kingdom is the scepter of uprightness (Psalm 45:6). And the foundation (Psalm 89:14) of His sovereign power is Righteousness (the principles and purposes of what God says is RIGHT) and Justice (the administration of rightness in legal decisions and judicial decrees). As we PRAY then for your city’s courts and judicial systems, let’s PRAY for:
Judges and Court Personnel

Praying for judges and court workers to love righteousness

Praying for judges to seek God’s justice in their work

Praying for the Spirit of Truth to fill courtrooms daily

Attorneys, Law Firms and Law Schools

Praying for attorneys who want God’s justice to guide their legal thinking and their case strategies

Praying for law firms to be places of prayer for their work

Praying for the Spirit of Truth to guide them in every case

Praying for attorneys to care deeply for their clients

Plaintiffs, Defendants and Witnesses

Praying for them to pursue righteous purposes in their cases

Praying for them to speak the truth in their presentations

Praying for them to accept the justice which is given to them

Praying for them to make life-corrections from the decisions

Government Legislative Bodies

Praying for righteous guidance from God in making laws

Praying for just direction from God in changing any laws

Praying for harmony with the judicial systems in making laws

Community Support for Righteousness and Justice

Praying for churches to pray for judges, attorneys, court cases

Praying for community organizations to uphold lawfulness

Praying for community pray-ers to sit in courtrooms to pray

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