The Candace Owens speaks at United States Congressional Hearing on “Confronting White Supremacy”

Candace Owens testifies that a House Oversight Joint Subcommittee hearing on ‘Confronting White Supremacy’ is part of a “farce” repeated “every four years ahead of an election cycle” by Democrats to get black votes. Owens argued Friday that Democratic policies are what have hurt black Americans, not white supremacy. Candace Amber Owens is an […]

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Probate Killings Part I

The Probate Murders (Part One): The War on the Vulnerable Through the Courts by Janet C. Phelan Barbara Rosen was concerned that her elderly neighbor might need some help.  The two had become acquainted through Quaker meeting and Barbara was aware her friend was alone in the world and increasingly vulnerable. Barbara offered her assistance, […]

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Brad Meltzer’s Decoded: Secret Societies Uncovered Brad Meltzer and his team try to penetrate Bohemian Grove, one of America’s most tightly guarded gatherings of the rich and powerful. The Decoded team converges on the group’s hideaway in a northern California redwood forest to pursue rumors of ritual sacrifice and secret agreements that control the […]


Signs of Advancing Socialism Are all of these executive orders from Biden a warning sign of incoming socialist policies to America? Paul Strand joins us with the latest on this & more. Watch the video: America may be Headed towards Socialism and here is What YOU Need to Know: My comment is: There will be no more money […]

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Just believe!

Just believe A Prayer for Trusting God Lord, I thank You that You are the God of the impossible. You can do anything. I want to trust in Your ability and not my own. Teach me to see difficulties in my life from Your perspective. Help me to focus on You and Your power. I […]

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The Same Thing Could Happen to You

BUY ON AMAZON ADVERTISEMENT Evicted And Living In Their Car During A Pandemic The nationwide CDC eviction moratorium doesn’t protect all tenants from eviction or homelessness. Margaret and John Eaddy have been living out of their car for nearly three months after they were evicted from their home on September 29. Now, they are struggling […]

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