Bianca Devin, Dating and Death

Coffee and Crime Time: Bianca Devins Bad contacts happen on social media, especially with young teenage girls that are new to the online dating scene. The story shared in the following video has a few, unsuspected twists, and Stephanie Harlowe, the True Crime Coffee Addict invites us to explore with her, the clues, possibilities and […]

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The NY Couple That Vanished

Crimes can be complicated when they are surrounded by issues that produce no evidence. Could there have been any acts of foul play when the suspected issue was due to the circulation of an apartment community’s petition for the manager to turn on the building”s heat during those cold NY months? Here are more facts: […]

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The Most Renowned USA Traitors

(image credit) The act of treason can be defined as the attempt to overthrow the government of the state to which you owe faith, either by a war against the state or by material support given to the enemies of the state. The ten people in this article are among the most famous traitors […]

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The Usual Suspects— Who Are They? Yes— it is true, life is not fair. But still we have to analyze and be careful and respectful of our human interactions. The history of Black, Colored or Negro lynchings in the USA, are redressed today because they bear the same victims— African Americans, Blacks, Colored, Negroes (the homeless and destitute included). Trailing […]

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Dirty Heads – “For What Its Worth” Buffalo Springfield Cover Dirty Heads is an American reggae rock band from Huntington Beach, California. Their debut album, Any Port in a Storm, was released on September 23, 2008, by Executive Music Group (Fontana/Universal). Their newest album, Super Moon, was released August 9, 2019. They have been associated with music groups such as Sublime with Rome, 311, […]

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Arresting and Jailing the Unvaccinated (the man on the street assessment)

Image credit: VIEW THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTIONS ON VIDEO: What is happening in the world today, can happen anywhere because science and technology have brought us into a forum of human interactions and dependencies. Hierarchies of obstructions are currently subjecting populations throughout the world to become vaccine guinea pigs for a social encompassing of a […]

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