The Marriage Break

9 thoughts on “The Marriage Break

  1. The spirit of the Lord
    is remarkable and limitless 🕊

    Nonbelievers claim it’s a
    farce…. ridiculous 🙄

    More importantly, there is one thing all nonbelievers do have in common: they have not yet secured eternal salvation in Christ.


  2. If we study for a job or career, or for our sports stats or how to crochet or scrapboook, how much MORE should we study for the most important relationship after knowing Jesus?
    Don’t just let a marriage roll on its own steam or it may blow up.
    Study your spouse, how to please him/her, how to be the best spouse you can be!

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    1. Yes, young couples do not have the time or energy to focus. Life gives them a swarm of distractions.


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