Could You Ever Start Gator Farming?

Operating an alligator farm has good financial potential, but requires 3 to 4 years of initial investment during the alligators’ growth period before you’ll make a profit from selling the hides or meat in national or international markets. The southern U.S. provides the best conditions for alligator farming, although alligator farms have been successfully established in Colorado and Idaho. Success is not guaranteed, but the following steps will provide an idea of how to begin alligator farming.

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3 thoughts on “Could You Ever Start Gator Farming?

  1. You know, if I was a little you? I did have a buddy in the Army who wanted me to move to Florida with him and start an Alligator farm. Of course, I never did, but imagine where I could be now; that is if the Alligators didn’t get me.

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    1. Because alligators are not chewers, you would be one whole peace, my brother, in the digestive cavity of an alligator.


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