Jesus changed my life

I’m an ex drug addict, criminal, hustler, womanizer, fighter, liar, manipulator, player, drug dealer, thief, and worldly confused individual.

My name is Bobby Thompson. Im not who I was before. Im a born again child of the Most High God!! Annointed, Chosen, Set Apart and called to represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I teach Christians the Truth of Gods Word. I’m a mouthpiece for the Lord Jesus Christ. I will not compromise, play any games or waste time with this mission from on High. I know that in and of myself I am Nothing. I need God for every breath I take and every move I make.

I have Christ Living in me and I’m burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Therefore I’m different. This earth is not my home. I know that and I declare it Boldly. I’m strong in prayer, praying in Power and in the Spirit. I will preach, teach, deliver, evangelize, prophesy, baptize and build up groups of believers as God allows.

HE IS working through me as I’m surrendered to His service as an instrument of righteousness. And if you know me or get to know me you realize that I take no credit for this but God gets ALL the GLORY. In Christ I live and to Heaven I will rise…….. face

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19 thoughts on “Jesus changed my life

  1. Amen brother Bobby!! What a testimony! My name is Dean Hodgetts and I also come from a life of taking drugs, stealing and all crazy things! I live most my life in foster care and used this as an excuse for living wild, until Jesus Christ also saved me! God bless you and your ministry brother, I really appreciate you sharing your story and also the blogs that you write!


    1. Amen to you brethren. Today, life is a perfect storm for repentance. How glorious it is to shake off the shackles of sin. Remember, we are all in the revival together. Let us ready ourselves for the coming of our Lord and his kingdom of tranquility and perfect live.🙏☀️

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    1. May God bless you too, “An Egyptian girl’s life”. Now is the time for us to earnestly bear witness and give testimony to one another. There has never been a time in the world’s recorded history, that man has been able to communicate worldwide and so quickly, with his fellow man. So everyone should take up the mission to spread the gospel. The gospel with many other uplifting inspirations will tear down the world’s dark energy so that God’s kingdom will soon come. Peace and Live.

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