Weight-Bias Mentality


The roots of obesity are complex and include genetics and other factors beyond individual choice, research shows.iStockphoto.com

Don’t try to pretend your gibes and judgments of the overweight people in your life are for their own good. Florida researchers have evidence that discriminating against fat people only makes them fatter.

“People often rationalize that it’s OK to discriminate based on weight because it will motivate the victim to lose pounds,” Angelina Sutin, a psychologist at the Florida State College of Medicine in Tallahassee, tells Shots. “But our findings suggest the opposite.”

Sutin and a colleague checked survey data from more than 6,000 American men and women age 50 and older who were asked how often in their daily lives they experienced different types of discrimination. Examples ranged from discourtesy or refusal of restaurant service to not getting a job or promotion.

The survey then asked the respondents why they thought the discrimination happened. Was it because of their race or age, for example, or their sex, age or weight? Researchers also measured the participants’ weight and height.

Four years later, a follow-up survey asked the same questions and checked for changes in weight.

Overweight people who said they’d experienced discrimination based on weight were more than twice as likely to be obese four years later than people who didn’t mention such discrimination. And those who started out obese were three times more likely to remain so if they’d been harshly targeted because of their weight. Other types of discrimination showed no effect on weight.

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14 thoughts on “Weight-Bias Mentality

  1. Hello America on Coffee Friends and Followers. We wish you all well and a wondrous new month. Our schedules here at AOC are ever changing and evolving. Nevertheless, we (with our networkings) are adamant to keep with our goal and mission, TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL, and we will do so on many of our blogs and posts with the inclusion of many other inspirations. Know, that there is no worthier mission, than the Great Commission! Love, Peace and best regards always. AmericaOnCoffee!


  2. Oh my goodness! That was so powerful. Having lost 105.8lbs in the last three years, I can really empathise with Patty. I was skinny as a bean pole until 9th grade, then my weight started to balloon and I just kept getting bigger. It took until I was 70 to get my head in the same place as my heart. I still have 40lb to lose, but I know I can do it. 🦋💖

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    1. Good for you. I hope that you are healthier now and filled with a better awareness of love and self. Our attitudes can become our own imprisonments. Discrimination is ugly and bars the door entries into spiritual relationships and blessings. I believe God will give us all new weightless bodies with no penalties for enjoying goodness.

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      1. Eating the right foods and exercise is the safest way to get health. A concoction may have some hidden degenerative effects.☹️


      2. I knew someone who had bad knees, got a knee cap replacement operation and the result was life in a wheelchair.


      3. Had a total right knee replaced (but the knee cap was fine) it is so good to be able to walk without pain and even climb stairs. 🙏

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      4. Hi Lyn, I’m sorry if I misunderstood. But, If your knee cap was fine, what was replaced… was there a replacement of cartilage?

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