Wayward Families

When considering the fall of the family (the deviations from traditional principles and values), maybe we should ask ourselves, when did we become “SPACED-OUT?“

  • Maybe the spacing began with limiting or putting distance between child births or limiting the number of children a family would have
  • Or maybe distancing happened when the divorce statistics peaked
  • Or when mother’s took off their aprons and went into the workforce

Today many families have been impacted by economical, personal and social changes that have directly affected the core relationships of family life. JonAk

Though much of the public seems unaware of it, family scholars believe that—generally speaking—children are best off growing up with their two married parents. These are the children most likely to get the education crucial for maintaining a middle-class life in an advanced economy, to remain stably employed, and to marry and raise their own children to go on and do the same.

But it is not well understood why the married couple—or nuclear family—works so well for kids. The most intriguing explanation I’ve seen can be found in a little-known 2002 book by the sociologist Brigitte Berger: The Family in the Modern Age. It recalls an old-fashioned era of sociology. There are no charts, regressions, or metrics; it is, rather, an exposition of economic, social, and demographic history. Yet it manages to anticipate and explain what today’s empirically grounded sociologists have repeatedly discovered about families and child wellbeing. Read full study

14 thoughts on “Wayward Families

    1. There are key players bidding on faction battles. They are the top fascists whose game and wins will be short-lived. Thanks for sharing.


  1. Hi AOC. My sister and I were just talking about how the dinner table has changed. First, there came a dwindling of family members at the dinner table to no dinner table at all. Unduntantly, a breakdown of the family which has impacted every cultural dinner time tradition. The computer age and the culture of fast foods separated families setting them on different paths.

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    1. Hi Margaret, the breakdown of the family from the dinner table is an honest observation. With all of the evils mounting in our world today, I believe dinner time at the dinner table will make a permanent comeback. Family dinner time will bring about togetherness and prayer time for families.


    1. The NWO is a well thought out plan. The trail leaves global footprints of drug pandemic, liberal schools, the empowerment and misuse of technologies, outsourced manufacturing, homelessness, open boarders, COVID strategies— you break the families, you break the nations.

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      1. And it seems as though every government on the planet is swinging along with it. Except Hungary … that’s the only one I know of that has a great Pres. Incredible that Popes turned their backs on Our Lady for so long. Incredible ! I’m really having a hard time with that one. Prayers needed all over.

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      2. Amen. Let us pray without ceasing, Mary. Peace and blessings for your new year.


  2. Worse is yet to come. The final taboos of morality; incest, pedophilia and bestiality; will soon have advocates who will claim that these restrictions impede their “love” (which is confused with perverse sexual desire).
    Incest will be advocated based on the idea that if both parties are mature and determine either by practice or medical intervention not to have children, nothing should prevent brothers and sisters or fathers and daughters or mothers and sons from “loving” each other.
    Pedophilia will be justified based on the idea that if a young person can decide their own gender, they should also be allowed to express love (sex) even to an adult. The emphasis will be on the child’s initiative, but ‘groomed’ by the adult.
    Bestiality will finally fall before those who claim animals are equal in value to humans and should be treated with “love” (again). No progeny will result and it will feel good to both the human and the ‘other’ animal.
    Why should we have laws against such “natural behavior?”
    And society will reap its most bitter harvest as we continue to move away from the Designer’s plan.

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    1. Amen. The scriptures speak of evil times and we are experiencing them today. “Let your heart not be troubled” is another scriptural quote. And the horses and the seals and at the very end of the scriptures I recall, “hold your peace” because I am coming quickly.

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