Relationships And Understanding People: Narcissistic Personalities


Intuitive Therapy w/ Matthew Engel
by Angel Talk Cafe

Your Tool Kit for Understanding & Surviving Narcissistic Personalities
…Because We All Know One!

Joy and Matthew are back in the Café and have a fascinating topic to discuss with you!

Affectionate, charming, warm to cold, fickle, self-centered, lacking objectivity, thinks they’re insightful but possess shallow qualities, shaming, blaming, unable to take accountability, lacking follow through, it’s all about them, charismatic, needy.

These are some of the characteristics of a Narcissistic Personality Type. Your narcissist may possess some or all of those qualities. Narcissists come in the form of lovers, parents, friends, colleagues, neighbors, bosses – across all walks of life.

Unfortunately, they can really get inside your head – reeking havoc on your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Intuitive Therapist Matthew Engel will talk about how you can identify the narcissist in your life, how you can set limits with them, soul evolutionary lessons that they’re working on (and presenting for you), and how to protect yourself energetically from these challenging souls.

As always, Joy and Matthew will be taking questions from callers and providing Intuitive Readings on air. This and so much more on “Intuitive Therapy”.

Testings for personality disorders

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One thought on “Relationships And Understanding People: Narcissistic Personalities

  1. NarcissistIc people are everywhere and they are inescapable. What and the hell can we do?


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