Communism and the Bible / Laos


“Laos is a Peoples Democratic Republic— a Socialist land-locked country located in Southeast Asia.”

Risking His Life For The Bible


He was on the career path to success. He had a good job as an assistant to the Communist Party district leader. But then he met the Christians and was intrigued by their enthusiastic worship. Later, he met Jesus himself. Bounchan was so thrilled about his newfound faith that he began to share it freely. But his new allegiance was not welcomed in communist Laos, where loyalty to the party is all-important and ancestors are worshiped as gods.

Bounchan lost his job, his place in the community and, finally, his freedom. In 1999, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for telling others about God after authorities had forbidden his evangelical work.

While in prison, he was tortured, beaten, starved, locked in stocks and condemned to solitary confinement for weeks. But for Bounchan, those weren’t the worst punishments. He was cut off from family, friends and anyone who could encourage him when he felt his lowest.

Most of all, he craved God’s living Word, the Scriptures that inspired his passion for Jesus. How could he survive prison without it? Bounchan’s story, as well as the story of God’s sustaining hand through his 13 years in prison, is told in BOUNCHAN, a 5-minute video presentation from The Voice of the Martyrs.

This video will open your eyes to the reality of persecution against Christians while moving you to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters. The Bounchan DVD is part of VOICE OF THE MARTYR’s 2012 IDOP Church Resource Kit. Support me at Patreon:

18 thoughts on “Communism and the Bible / Laos

  1. Thank you for watching Brutus and taking our share to heart. Please feel free to reshare . May God bless you.


  2. We are blessed to have religious freedom any place in the world today.

    When those who are denied religious freedom can somehow get the holy bible and treasure every bit of scripture at the risk of martyrdom, is an example for those who are in similar situations, to emulate.

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  3. This amazes me! Here in the West bibles are gathering up dust in people’s homes, yet here is a mighty man of God risking his life to get a Bible! This cut deep into me, forgive me Lord for being so selfish! God bless you for sharing this

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    1. Amen. I have a tremendous amount of empathy with this share as well. America is a blessed nation. I pray that the Lord will open the eyes of our hearts to become more grateful at honoring him and spending more time in his presence. Blessings.

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      1. History: the study of past dead generations vs. Prophetic mussar – the rebuke to all generations living.
        The Hebrew T’NaCH includes Torah Prophets and Holy Writings. The relationship of the Holy Writings to the Torah and Prophets compares to the relationship the Gemarah of the Talmud has with the Mishna. The T’NaCH does not include any Books of History as the alien Xtian biblical classifications falsely assumes.

        The T’NaCH does not teach History but rather prophetic mussar. Big/HUGE error in basic T’NaCH scholarship. Mussar defines the concept of all T’NaCH prophesy. Prophets did not foretell the future, predicting the future falls under mysticism like as found in the Book of Daniel or the tumah witchcraft abomination which worships a female God. By absolute contrast, prophetic mussar applies equally to all generations of bnai brit Israel! Only bnai brit Israel has a sworn oath-brit-alliance with HaShem. The Xtian Bible and Muslim Koran – both fail to bring even once – the name of HaShem – as revealed in the 1st Commandment of Sinai!

        The Talmud views the stories in the T’NaCH NOT as history but rather prophetic mussar. The “Aggadita” communicated within the first Book of בראשית, all these Torah characters teach prophetic mussar. RATHER than physical notions of historical reality. The Aggaditic stories from Adam, Noach, the Avot and the children of Israel who descend unto Egyptian g’lut — all these personages communicate Aggadita mussar stories, not the history of the people of Israel. The story of Israel enslaved in Egypt by Par’o and redeemed by Moshe — also strictly & only an Aggadita mussar nonliteral story. These mussar nonliteral stories, they serve as the basis by which Israelites forged the unique culture and customs which form & shape the collective souls of the Jewish people – our identities of self – as a people distinct and separated from all other peoples on this Earth.

        The T’NaCH Aggadic mussar stories, they do not define Jewish ancient history. Rather these codifications, they both describe and define, the cultures and customs developed by an ancient people – known today as the Jewish people. A people do not develop their identifying cultures and customs out of thin air. This most essential fact, it does not “convert” the Hebrew T’NaCH literature into a collection of history books as the biblical and korah scholars claim. That the authors and framers of these collection of T’NaCH Books, despite written a long time ago … the k’vanna of all these aggadic works contained within T’NaCH literature – T’NaCH aggadic mussar stories, do NOT communicate concrete actual histories of ancient Israel.

        This subtle distinction of k’vanna/intent\ separates Torah faith, day and night: from Xtian and Muslim avoda zarah Av tumah faiths. The latter “holy” (a pun) books absolutely depend on, and requires concrete depictions of physical history. Abstract aggadic mussar as absoltely no meaning or purpose in the Creeds and theologies espoused by all avoda zarah belief systems. Xtianity cannot exist without a physical Jesus. Rava, a later Amorah Gemarah sage, he expresses a totally opposing idea to the false history parameters of avoda zarah – – the Rava refers to Job as only an imaginary man!

        This warp/weft concrete/physical vs. abstract\emotional Talmudic “loom”, it weaves the fabric of all Talmudic literature, which always separates concrete realist halacha, from its opposing abstract emotional/aggadic ideas. This distinct division within and throughout the whole of the Talmud, it fundamentally defines how the Sages perceived the relationship between Torah commandments. vs.Torah common law/משנה תורה. The New Testament fictional and actual characters, neither this nor that makes the most essential distinctions between Jewish Oral Torah common law from Roman statute law.

        Obviously, the translation of the ancient Hebrew prophetic mussar texts have greatly interested many alien outsiders, foreign Goyim scholars who never cut an oath sworn alliance with HaShem. The hard fact, that Goyim scholarship ignores the Order and organization of the Torah, known as פ/chapter and ס\sub-chapter (פרק\סוגיה). This gross error, arrogant Biblical foreign translators, who unilaterally presume that they possess a mandate to impose a completely different Order and organization upon the Torah & NaCH literature. The numbered Chapters and verses made throughout their biblical perversions. Totally oblivious that changing the Order and structure of the T’NaCH compares to GOD vs. DOG.

        This Goyification of the Hebrew T’NaCH likewise prioritizes the history of a theology which declares biblical characters as actual real-life historical characters. At the same time, this perversion totally and completely ignores prophetic mussar expressed through Aggadic abstract emotions, expressed throughout all T’NaCH literature! This foreign European viewpoint, it has shaped and defined the avoda zarah of both Xtianity and Islam. The falsification of ancient Hebrew culture and customs into artificial “actual” history, artificially created, a physical history narrative that never actually lived or existed; this tumah corruption of the T’NaCH, it has changed and perverted the message of the whole of the T’NaCH throughout the entire history of Xtianity and Islam avoda zarah.

        Church arrogance, throughout its entire history, therefore views the Talmud with extreme hostility. The Talmudic sages who read the T’NaCH as prophetic mussar/aggadita, which separates and distinguishes between abstract tohor vs. concrete tumah middot “spirits” (lust for a woman for example), this most basic and fundamental T’NaCH mussar, the church fathers have utterly despised, discounted, and ignored. Hebraic prophetic mussar simply did not fit into their ‘Good News’ narrative, which the New Testament proponents actively desired, preach, & promote.

        Therefore, the church fathers in total derision of how the Jewish people, the development of our customs, cultures and tradition shaped and defined by both T’NaCH and Talmud, the church fathers preferred to deny the existence of all Oral Torah common law – linked to prophetic mussar, by means of the Aggadic portions within the Talmud – according to the פרדס kabbalah as taught by Rabbi Akiva, and all the sages within the Talmud. The church simply chose to burn the Talmud rather than consider or objectively weigh the essential perspective taught by Jewish Torah Talmudic scholars.

        Starting with the Apostle Paul, Goyim religious leaders, authorities, and scholars condemned any attempt to “Judaize” Xtianity as this would threaten their false messiah Creed based belief systems & theologies. The early church leadership emphatically rejected inclusion unto category of being just another Jewish heretical subset within Jewish culture and traditions. The church therefore strove to develop its own unique set of cultures and traditions, which shapes the different European civilizations and societies of Europe & Russia today.

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      2. I will walk with you part of the way. Judaism and Islam (rivaling relatives so close and so far apart) are both detached from the Holy Bible from the dawning of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and the New Testament. What we can all do for the time being, is to watch as biblical prophecies come to pass. Blessings.


      3. You will have to read the New Testament and follow what our Lord and disciples’ prophetic sayings about the times we are living in and the happenings that will come forth. I can say no more.,🙏


      4. Sorry the NT simply does not interest me. I have read it, excluding the mystic book of revelations. View the Apostle Paul as a Jewish agent provocateur. Sent to Rome to promote Civil War in Roman society prior to the Jewish revolts.

        Your reference to Lord, duplicates exactly the sin of the Golden Calf. Aaron translated the Spirit Name to the word אלהים as does the NT with its translation of ‘Lord’. Proof that the NT promotes worship in other Gods. A direct violation of the 2nd Sinai commandment.

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      5. The T’NaCH defines prophesy as mussar. LOL The NT does not have the least bit of a clue what mussar means. It confuses mysticism and witchcraft with prophesy.

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