36 thoughts on “24-Hour PRAYER LINE

  1. Prayer is good but not without coffee. My favorite coffee is La Semeuse Mocca surfin. It was roasted at an altitude of 1000m in Switzerland and has no acidity and no bitter substances. The coffee comes from Central America and Ethiopia.

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    1. Coffee is not a priority with God, should never compete or become an interference. We are finding it difficult to comment on your site.

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      1. Thanks Americaoncoffee: I am aware that we’ve upset some users by switching off the comment function. But after all, this is a music blog and not a discussionblog and taking care of the comments takes much time.

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      2. Thanks for responding. We thought that our navigating was off course because we’ve made comments before. Thanks again for responding. Peace and blessings.

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      3. If only we could navigate to make comments from time to time. We’ve clicked on dates, menus, songs but find no access.

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