Uncovering the History of the Democratic Party

6 thoughts on “Uncovering the History of the Democratic Party

  1. Thank you. I am searching online for this history. I know it. But apparently it’s not taught in school anymore. After the 1964 civil rights act, which every democrat voted against, the party started lying to people about its history. I’ve had to educate several democrats on line tonight. I’m looking but even the history channel glosses over the Andrew Jackson connection, the kkk, the fact that the democrats passed Jim Crow and segregation. Why do the schools not teach this? Because democrats continue to control our schools. It’s like they’ve whitewashed their own history. I do not understand blacks vote democrat. I really don’t. Thank you again.


    1. The values of both parties have changed over many years, so much, that today John F. Kennedy would be a Republican. The Democratic Party advantageously used the sympathies of the civil rights movement to recruit more sympathies. And there in the Democratic Party came political leaders (the gods of the people and for the people). Upholding Christian values and the USA Christian foundation Constitution? No! And to this day, they have become powerful and wealthy. Politicians should never go into office for economical gain.
      George Wallace – Aka: George Corley Wallace Jr. an American 1960s governor of Alabama for four terms, and a member of the Democratic Party received a close assassination attempt (for racism) whereby a bullet hit him and left him paralyzed (shot by a Caucasian).

      Keep researching and verify for yourself.


    1. If our educational system truly cared about democracy and our republic, prayer in schools and the allegiance to our country would have remained and we would not be in the mess that we are in. God knew where mankind was heading. History shows us that Totalitarianism /Communism is a big punishment.

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    1. Thank you for watching Mary Anne. You can verify all of the facts presented.


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