Monsters Are Products of Family And Society

Books and movies have always entertained the imagination of man even at diverting good. No matter the media, evil instills fear in us while captivating our curiosities. The influences in unsuspecting ways have developed into a transference of malformed ideas and practices by families, institutions and those labeled as professionals.

Today, many physicists, pharmacists and other scientists are playing God by attempting to Create life and interfere with the Normal Operation of the brain. However, the results are Artificial, and, these Quacks who attempt to clone life and manipulate pharmaceutical substances have chosen to practice experimentation without keeping true to the Hippocratic Oath.

This unnatural, chaotic workshop disfigures the very being of man into scary, crazy beings. When people morally decline, the doors of Hell open up for the indoctrination of more souls.

The charlatans bring the Quack practice into the culture of mainstream society and further mutations result into a deadly confusion of popularity.

(we should not condemn we should pray for the deliverance of every lost soul )

JonAk – An AWOLL/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC) Commentary

This Is America


Glenn C. Altschuler Ph.D.

We are visited by monsters because we are drawn to see what we dread to see.


All of us are visited by monsters, real and/or imagined. They might originate, as Freud once believed, in childhood traumas. Or our fear of death. Or in the threats posed by an “alien” group. That said, Leo Braudy, a professor of English and American Literature at the University of Southern California, reminds us that “because we are drawn to see what we also dread to see” stories about monsters have pervaded Western culture for centuries.

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