If You Think This is Not Happening—Think Again— Because, Yes it is!

Consider the enemy as a legion of politicians, corporations, attorneys, judges snd hypocritical religious leaders that love the dying world and not God. Law enforcement many of them are our neighbors, family and friends, are included—- why do they enforce evil? They are caught up in the moment of money and power, wanting nothing to disturb their pensions.

Socialism is the loss of freedom in every biblical and constitutional way

At present, the more money that a non-elite person earns, the more he will have to pay out. Their will be no gains but a drain.

The drain will kill money and cause people submit to socialism— where all is free to have and use but all are cabal- owned and allowed at a soul snatching price. JonAk

2 thoughts on “If You Think This is Not Happening—Think Again— Because, Yes it is!

  1. Thank God for Archbishop Vigano ! He is saying what the successor of Peter should be saying. His words are gold. Trouble is that the successor of Peter is now our enemy. Never could I ever even imagine such happenings just a few years ago. Our Lady has told us in her visits to the world over the years, but, so few listened. So few. I remember a message from Bayside, N.Y. in which Our Lady said: “You will be given the words when you appear before them” It sounded to me as though she were saying that we would be prisoners before a hostile judge … being judged as in a Chinese ‘struggle.’ I could scarcely believe it could happen but here it is! How do we start this Alliance?

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    1. Hi Maryanne. I cannot remover all of the messages even with the books that I have. I do remember the message, “all that is rotten will fall.” We are going to start spreading the gospel more and we are encouraging everyone to do the same. Satan’s time is short lived.

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