12 thoughts on “Control✨

  1. The government is trying to make it that none of us can go anywhere unless we’ve been vaccinated. A morjorty have been Vaccinated. A morjorty of people in JH kingdom hall have been Vaccinated. This government is trying to get all people under its control where no one can go anywhere without the shot. Is the shot saving people’s lives? i don’t know what to say now. But I can say this i have done a lot of traveling in my life time and have never come against anything as a mandate. It so sad that people have a deadline to get vaccine or they will lose there Job. Some people have said they might take an early retirement. The 🤘 😈 Devil is so busy he knows his time is running out so he tries to get many people on his side which he has already.

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    1. Governments actions are being challenged because they are corrupt and must be stopped. New York and other places have already gone against the mandate including a ot of police and military. Facebook bans any death or sickness from the vaccination being posted. We have to get Biden, Harris and Pelosi out of the whitehouse. They are giving our country away to the UN which is majority led by Communist China.


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