Was Malcolm X Right About White Liberals and Conservatives?

In an undated video clip that has now gone viral on social media, Malcolm X can be heard warning fellow black Americans to be wary of the sinister intentions of the ‘liberals.’ A human rights activist and the spokesperson of the Nation of Islam, he was a prominent figure in the United States’ Civil Rights Movement.

He said, “There are many whites who are trying to solve the problem. But, you never see them going under the label of liberals.” Malcolm highlighted that the White American who identifies as a liberal is the most ‘dangerous’ and ‘deceitful’ thing in the Western Hemisphere.

The Human Rights activist further compares a liberal to a fox, which unlike the wolf, deceits its prey. In other words, Malcolm X suggested that the ‘liberals’ who claim to be the ones fighting for the rights of black Americans is in fact exploiting them for their own benefits.
Accuses liberals of using African Americans as political pawns

In another video, Malcolm said that the issues concerning black Americans were raised by white liberals as part of a vicious power politics to get back at the white conservatives. In his own words, the liberals do so in order to gain power or retain power. Malcolm stated that politics in the United States was no more divided between two parties – Republicans and Democrats. It had turned into a power tussle between the liberals and the conservatives of both parties.

Malcolm stated, “The white liberal differs from the white conservative in one way. The liberal is more deceitful and hypocritical than the conservatives. Both want power. But, the white liberal has perfected the art of posing as the negro’s (sic) friend and benefactor.” He accused the liberals of using the black Americans as ‘political pawns’ in their political struggle against the conservatives.

“The American negro is nothing but a political football and the white liberals control this ball. Through tricks, tokenism, and false promises of integration and civil rights…,” he remarked. He blamed the Black civil rights leaders for selling the black community to the liberals for tokenism.

Race Relations in the US new focus after recent riots

Following the death of George Floyd in the hands of a police officer, race relations between the White and Black community have become the focus of great attention in USA. The United States witnessed widespread riots, looting, arson, vandalism and numerous people were injured in these riots. Some have also lost their lives.


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