What you can do: Spread the Gospel to Fight the Drug Pandemic!

Rhiannon, 36, spends the money on five or six hits of heroin and crack cocaine each day since her father killed himself 12 years ago and now she says “my life revolves around drugs – they have absolutely taken over my life.”

A 36-year-old woman has opened up about the harsh realities of developing and maintaining a £210-a-day drug habit.

Rhiannon, from Swansea, is one of a growing number of people in Wales that has become addicted to drugs.

Her drug of choice is a “snowball”, which involves injecting heroin together with crack cocaine, Wales Online reports.

Rhiannon does this five or six times a day, and as each hit costs her £35 she can spend up to £210 a day on drugs.

She claims that her life has become entirely revolved around drugs – concerned about where she is going to get money and terrified of going into withdrawal.

She pays for her drugs with her benefits and says she “sells the idea of sex”, making men think something is going to happen.

She asks men for some money, telling them she will pop round later “to make them feel good”.

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