GTI News’s (7) seven-year investigation of Public Corruption, and its cover up in San Diego County, CA. has lead directly to more than a dozen Senior Criminal Prosecutors, public agency attorneys, private attorneys, and into the California State Bar. More than a dozen senior prosecutor attorneys directly linked to felony crimes, involving more than 200 Police Officers, Sheriffs, Judges, DA Investigators, Firefighters, their public unions, and even FBI Agents. Crimes covering more than twelve (12) year of public agency organized crime, involving evidence tampering and it’s cover up, inside and outside the Superior Courts. Crimes involving election fraud conspiracy, civil rights violations, and Insurance Fraud Bribery, for financial, political, and personal profit.

The year 2014 finds little change in a State Bar under fire since 2010, with limitations on it’s cash flow dues, as a California State Audit, “found inefficiencies in the discipline operation”. The Legislature’s Governance Task Force stated, “concerns that recent actions taken by the State Bar Board of Governors have not sufficiently taken into account the protection of the public”.

All of which is “Public Agency Speak” for a CULTURE OF SELF SERVING CRIMINAL CONDUCT. All current evidence of this reporter’s investigations indicate nothing has changed at the State Bar, and has likely gotten a lot worse, partly to protect a reported “Dues” cash flow of over $60 Million dollars a year.

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