Pray People Pray! The Cabal Courts Worldwide Are Aiming To Takeover Nations and the Executive Powers of Governments


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Corrupt ruling powers are worse than slavery and the slaughtering of Jews.

Justice is only being given to those labeled as superior which is the initial, underhanded “mark of the beast”.

One URGENCY for justice is to have Cameras in the Courtrooms, Court by Court, State by State, Circuit and Federal Courts included. Fight for justice as the cabal is taking justice away * Read more here

The Goal for a new world order is a reality.

The New World Order or NWO is an obvious clandestine totalitarian emergence. Their manifestation is global with the result of global homelessness linked with worldwide greed.

People of most every nation are divided and confused from clouded and contorted information that is generated from Cyber fake news.

The Republican and Democratic parties are pointing a finger at each other, at a critical time when both the left and right should be joining forces to save the republic.

The military and police forces are not recognizing the scheme of corruption and the history of emerging totalitarian powers. In fact, they all should be informed about today’s worldwide cabal and trained to rise up over its evil plans and forces.

Evil challenges for our military and local law enforcement have already been established and put to test. The tactic is called Terrorism. The goal is to seize all power and control by wiping out executive power, constitutional laws and the enforcement of them. Visit: Terrorism

So people why divide? Is it not time to unite? Spread the awareness, start prayer and community groups. Alert your friends, family and children about the rise of our evil government!

A commentary by JonAk AWOLL/AmericaOnCoffee