Reform-Judicial Performance And Disciplinary Commission For State And Federal Judges, Or, Keep With A System Dictated By Hypocrisies—?

Rush Hour (America On Coffee) Commentary: Millions of Americans are extremely upset because they have been denied justice in a court of law. What is even more aggravating is that after reporting a judicial crime to a disciplinary judicial commission over and over again, judges remain undisciplined.

They are neither removed nor demoted. Many of these same judges receive a promotion. There is a growing network of tyrannical judges who refuse to abide by Christian ethics which are codified in Judicial Canon laws. No longer are judges dispensing justice in the court of law. Justice is now bought and sold, and, not only for money but for power and human control?

A mockery of law is taking place in America’s courtrooms and in courtrooms all over the world. This widespread, deterioration of Integrity, breach of judicial oath and duty is a monumental, satanic conspiracy. What should we Americans do to ensure for justice and the sovereignty of our nation?

It is of the utmost importance that We The People take control of the judicial disciplinary process. A body of U.S.citizens, independent of the U.N., with anonymous IDs and an assigned, irregular duration. Within the citizenry will be rotating, non-judicial, undisclosed law specialists.

All will be non-salaried but will receive a stipend other accommodations for their civic duty.

One problem with the current judicial disciplinary commissions is that employees are salaried which makes them vulnerable to judicial reprisal.

A We The People Judicial Disciplinary citizenry will not give judges any leeway for bribery, corruption or tyranny. Having absolute rule over human discourse, is a power too sensitive for an impartial, blind justice.

It is therefore, absolutely necessary for all court proceedings to be monitored by camera.

The horrors of judicial tyranny are unreal and outrageous! Judges are making unlawful rulings that are destroying and killing the elderly, placing hardship on families and divorce litigants.

Children are being taken away from their parents and permanently adopted out, at the court’s will. Trust and probate beneficiaries are being stripped of their inheritance. People are being made homeless through illegal foreclosures. Unwarranted class action suits are being threatened and acted upon.

Assets are being illegally liquidated as judges conspire with attorneys and other white collar stooges. It is so conceivable that judges are using their power to pimp attorneys and corporations for unlimited, privileged benefits and investment opportunities. In essence, judges are stealing from the American people thru corruption and tyranny.

Finally, at the end of their sordid judicial careers, comes retirement on a big, fat pension!

Victims of judicial corruption and tyranny receive no help when judicial violations are reported to law enforcement, District Attorney, State Govenor, Attorney General or the FBI.

This tells us one thing, judges are above the law and we have given them too much power. We The People must remove bad judges and bring justice back into our courts. The time for reform is now! This is justifiably so when judges are now giving themselves retroactive immunity for their past crimes.

It is both cruel and demeaning for any law-abiding citizen to present his court case in a supposed court of law, whereby he is obliged to address an oath-violating unremorseful, perverse, black-cloaked demon (who is seated to be a justice) as “Your Honor!” …

Reform suggestion: “Family Court Corruption Is Everywhere!” on YouTube

Watch “Corrupted Justice Teaser” on YouTube


petitions keep closing.

The nuts and bolts of how they spread tyranny through the courts.


11 thoughts on “Reform-Judicial Performance And Disciplinary Commission For State And Federal Judges, Or, Keep With A System Dictated By Hypocrisies—?

  1. People behave as though they are shocked and dismayed by the behaviors of these judges and politicians. Corruption is the very cornerstone of this and each and every government that has ever existed, now or thousands of years ago.

    Given the nature of the human species, Psalm 58:3-5 “The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies. Their poison is like the poison of a serpent: they are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear; Which will not hearken to the voice of charmers, charming never so wisely.” what else can we expect?

    It’s time to wake up and recognize that no form of government can work. It is irrational to hand over this kind of power and yet expect different, positive results.

    Kindly check out my website, I posted a writing yesterday that you might find of interest, “Real Organized Crimes.” Incidentally, “Corrupted Justice” is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. Justice is not possible where corruption exists.

    God bless…

    Bill Ernstberger

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    1. I agree! I find elected officials and judges …inhumane. If fellow elected officials and judges will not move to rescue the people, this only validates that all of them and the entire government are evil! But …God’s gonna take care of these monsters! None of them will be able to withstand the unmerciful evils they spread. The horrible wrath of God… is the Reap, the PAYBACK! Thank you for your follow and shares!


      1. Where do you find this information in the Bible? I’m just now beginning to see that this reliance on God to do our dirty work is in direct correlation to our dependence upon government to again do the things which displease us, such as sacrifice, making unpleasant decisions and then following through with them and, yes, even death.

        As I see it, God leaves much of what He has in mind for us to do. He has used me. Please understand that I do not consider myself special. God uses Satan, and so why not me? Please understand, too, that I am not complaining. If He chooses to use me as an instrument in the beginnings of the dismantling of this government, and it gets me killed, I will at least die knowing that I have done at least one honorable, decent and righteous thing in my life…


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      2. Something else just occurred to me. Why on earth, considering all the filth and lies and deception and the taking of untold lives over the short time we have walked this earth, why would we even contemplate waiting for the Lord to avenge much of the insanity we are so much responsible for?


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      3. I don’t believe I intimated, implied or suggested that Satan has any power over God. I can see that it is best that we just agree to disagree. Your consistent use of capitalization tells me to politely back down. God bless…


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      4. I stated this,…not you! Anyhow, I eagerly (sorry for the capitalization) await the fall of this evil government. Thank you again for your shares. God Bless you!


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