A Good example: Satan’s Purpose with Drugs, is to Continually Kill the Conscience of Men!

Drugs contribute:  a dead (no conscience) mind=a dead (estranged) family=a dead (careless) country

the answer=All Deads ADD UP!

The Dead Conscience

Author, Rob Shiflet


Bible Reading of the Day: Read 1 Timothy 4:1-5.

Verse of the Day: “I always try to maintain a clear conscience before God and everyone else” (Acts 24:16).

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Common drugs can affect our minds and morals – but should we be worried about it?

Author, Neil Levy

 of selfishness should be remains Some people welcome this prospect, while others fear it. Critics worry it threatens our sense of self, our authenticity, and that it might lead to a neglect of our proper attitude to nature and alter society in unexpected and unwelcome ways.

Most people would agree that, at the very least, we need to go slowly and cautiously here, ensuring that new technologies are not rolled out for general use until we have properly assessed their risks and benefits; established appropriate regulatory regimes; and thought through their ethical implications. But what if these technologies are already widely used, unbeknownst to those who use them?

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Is It a Sin to Act Against Your Conscience?

Justin Taylor

Martin Luther said,To act against conscience is neither right nor safe.” Was he right?

R. C. Sproul answers:

Here we must tread carefully lest we slice our toes on the ethical razor’s edge.

If the conscience can be misinformed or distorted, why should we not act against it?

Should we follow our consciences into sin?

Here we have a dilemma of the double-jeopardy sort.

If we follow our consciences into sin, we are guilty of sin inasmuch as we are required to have our consciences rightly informed by the Word of God.

However, if we act against our consciences, we are also guilty of sin. The sin may not be located in what we do but rather in the fact that we commit an act we believe to be evil. Here the biblical principle of Romans 14:23 comes into play: “Whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.” For example, if a person is taught and comes to believe that wearing lipstick is a sin and then wears lipstick, that person is sinning. The sin resides not in the lipstick but in the intent to act against what one believes to be the command of God.

The dilemma of double jeopardy demands that we diligently strive to bring our consciences into harmony with the mind of Christ lest a carnal conscience lead us into disobedience. Full article


When he first tried methamphetamine, Robert Spengler knew he had found his drug.

“You have Satan and you have the demons that he controls. All the other drugs are pretty much the demons. Methamphetamine is Satan itself,” he said. “I mean, I don’t think you can get any more evil than meth.”

A first time quickly spiraled into a meth addiction that damaged his relationships, sent him to jail and left him with third-degree burns over half of his body.

Spengler, 35, shared his story one morning at Palatka’s Riverfront Park. There is a human cost to the rise in meth use in Northeast Florida and across the state, and his story is one example.

Meth addiction damages brains, drastically changes bodies and endangers communities, officials say. It has sent people to jail and lured parents away from their children. And the presence of meth, one of the most addictive drugs available, is spreading in St. Johns County.

“It is becoming a bigger and bigger problem that people really don’t know about,” said St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Mike Hartsell, who has been investigating meth labs since 2004.

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