Imagine Waking up one day, finding yourself in Hell!

Trailer” (1976)

But there could be an Outside Chance/ Jackson County Jail (a true life event)

because you’re an Innocent Victim

So many times, justice in America has been unjust. Yvette Mimieux was a victim of robbery and theft. Innocent of any wrong doing, she was put in jail. A jailer raped and she killed him. Now she was facing murder charges. No judge would listen to her side of the story. She stayed in prison hearing after hearing. But when the prison burned down. She took the opportunity to run and not look back.
Outside Chance” (a remake of the 1976 feature film “Jackson County Jail”, which likewise starred Yvette Mimieux) and the second for director Peter Carter’s 1978 action yarn starring Jerry Reed, Peter Fonda

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