URGENCY!!! Cameras in the Courtrooms, Court by Court, State by State, Circuit and Federal Courts included

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Nearly every state in the union has provisions to allow the media to use video cameras and microphones in courtrooms in some circumstances. In some, cameras are a routine sight at the trial court level. In others, on the state’s appellate courts or supreme court have cameras, operated by the courts themselves. For the members of the media, understanding the rules and procedures in your state is necessary to provide the best and most complete coverage of your government’s judicial branch in action.

RTDNA is the nation’s leading advocate of opening courtrooms at all levels to electronic media coverage and works with newsroom and court leaders across the country to develop clear and fair rules to allows journalists and judges to best serve the people. To assist members of the media in understanding current court rules and procedures, we have developed the RTDNA Cameras in the Courts State By State Guide. Included here are the most current policies from each state, with links to relevant resources and complete details.

Click below to find the guide for your state:

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2 thoughts on “URGENCY!!! Cameras in the Courtrooms, Court by Court, State by State, Circuit and Federal Courts included

  1. Our PIVOTAL QUESTION needs to shift from “Will this work?” to “Is this a worthwhile if not critical step towards overcoming organized U.S. legal system abuse on a grassroots basis?”

    Kindly join us in petitioning U.S. Vice Presidential candidates to pledge their support for the Rule of Law in America. We’re committing our best efforts to helping ensure your petition signature will not be added in vain.


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