Shedding light on corruption – 300,000 people protesting in Bucharest Romania

Over 600,000 people have protested across Romania today (and thousands more Romanians in cities around the world) against a bill which would cripple the justice system and help a lot of corrupt officials. (The Guardian article) This picture is from 9PM local hour (1.5 hours before this post) when the people lit up their phones and sang the national anthem. The light is a response to the ministers who passed this bill late on Tuesday night.
The said bill has been repealed today after 5 days of massive protests but people are still worried that the phrasing of the repeal leaves room for the bill to come into effect again at a later date. The people also want at least the ministers who passed the bill to resign, if not the whole government.
It’s worth mentioning that all the ministers are part of a coalition that has about 51% majority in the parliament and which isn’t willing to stand down because they have just been put into power by last year’s December elections.

NY Times:

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