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The Impact of Poverty in Today’s Society

Is it a crime to take away money from individuals creating people to live in poverty. I think its a crime equal to robbery, violent crimes in general.

If Someone is struggling we should help that person out I’m not saying go broke to help others, we should make an effort to help people in the time of need. The government needs to understand the full income and cost of living. After the living cost which is bills, food water is paid for then we should see how much is left over which will determine which social class you are living in poverty, working class , or the wealthy class. Once people have the money they will purchase more items which will give companies a larger profits.

The understanding of the word poverty is a person living in today’s society without money unable to pay bills or struggling to provide the necessitates to live. There are different terms of poverty it does not mean a person is lazy or undesirable for work. People can still have jobs and live in poverty some individuals have different reasons such recently lost a job, Income is equal or below living cost, not qualified to be hired for a higher wage career , jobs will not hire ex-convicts after severing their time and the only types of jobs is available are minimum wage in other words no experience need.Poverty is created by greed and not giving help to those who are truly in need and the result is the rich get richer while the poor fight to stay poor.

The image on the left gives an example of society functions at two highest positions are the people in the wealth social class. Under them is the people in working class and the bottoms is people in poverty. As you can tell the group at the bottoms gets the worst treatment from the rest. People living in poverty receives similar treatment as well by being segregated from the other social class groups, fault for being poor, stereotypes of being lazy, unable to be successful in the work field, the reason for crime, the list goes on. The truth of poverty is most people are not able to get out the cycle of poverty because of lack of education which creates less opportunities to have a high paid career to get people out of poverty. Once people are unable to break out of the cycle of poverty the only types of jobs are minimum wages jobs which requires no skill or experience needed.

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Knowing after generations people have asked for help from the government but don’t receive any assistance even though there is enough money in America to help the poor. What would you do knowing years later you will still be rejected would you follow the example from the video clip above by singing your way in or get tried of asking and live by the term by any mean necessary.

As times goes on the anger of the people not receiving the assistance of the government. How could the people care for the government if the government can not care for the people. 2pac a music artist states in one his songs “no one cares it’s there to share all we get is stares because of fear will evaporate say your prayers”

The affects of poverty is people struggling to live in society sadly these are the people viewed as misfits in the world while being blamed for the issues in America since they need government assistance. I’m not saying let the people in poverty have a live a rich life style. Give the people a change to not be homeless, struggle to live, and they should not have to think about risking their freedom to feed their family. People in poverty need money in order to survive there is not other way around it. Committing crimes to earn :fast money” could be the only result to survive through the night for people to find another source of income until a legal job comes along.

The cost of living has become more than what the average person working class can afford this means poverty is increasing as well as the rich continue to get richer and the poor gets larger. There needs to be a solution for the people before its only people in the wealthy social class and people in poverty cutting out the working class. The income needs to be more than the living cost if not people will have to become criminals just to find another way to bring in money to live in today’s society Poverty is only getting worse for the people in poverty and without proper assistance criminal rates will continue to raise and the pride of America will decrease as well.The street will be unsafe for anyone to be one one including law enforcement better hope batman is around.

The result of poverty stops people from getting the education and job they need in order to live in society.

And. if you believe that poverty is the blame for people becoming criminals, then, maybe you can understand the top ten percent is taking all of the money from everyone else, so they live good while putting the blame on the people in poverty.

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uploaded by you tube Tupac Lost Tapes Interview in Prison Pt 2.

Why is it that America does not take care for their own first then worry about what happens over seas? All races in America if you are in need of assistance you should be able to get the help you need till that person does not need help anymore.

uploaded by back4thewin (you tube) tupac christmas interview what can all people do to end poverty while being able to be rich or make a profit? Once hope is gone the nightmares will turn into reality since there is enough money in America to feed the poor. The rich should not be rich if they are not helping the people who made them rich. It does not only apply to the rich what could you do the student, the full time, part time employee the smallest contribution goes along way.

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