Overthrown… the Government of the United States!  Shutdown Corrupt Condoning Judges And Courts!


Serious Judicial Corruption
The Rights of the People come before the Profits of Lawyers

America does not have a judicial system. What we have is a criminal organization that is impersonating a judicial system. Strong words, but these words are true, and it’s a very serious situation. I therefore invite the members of the FBI who are reading this page to investigate this to see if it’s not true and have the Justice Department open up an investigation and put a stop to this.

America has a system of checks and balances where each branch of government watches over the other two. But the judiciary has Opted out of the Checks and Balances System and gave themselves the powers of Self Regulation. Because of this, judges are above the law, and they know it. Judges have ruled that they are Immune for most Civil Lawsuits what has had the effect of making decisions that completely ignores the law and the Rules of Court.

One prime example of judicial arrogance is the refusal of judges on the Missouri Supreme Court and Missouri Court of Appeals Southern District to sign orders of the court. I have called for the Missouri Legislature to file Articles of Impeachment against these judges, but they refuse to do so. Even though the rules of court require judges to sign orders of the court, these judges just up and decided to break the law and refuse to do so. This undermines the Constitution of Missouri and the Constitution of the United States and is the kind of government behavior that leads people towards overthrowing the government.

There is no law when judges are allowed to break the law.

Judicial arrogance is not limited to the state courts. The federal judiciary is every bit as corrupt, maybe more so. For example, I was Arrested in September of 1998 for the purpose of preventing me from appearing in court at a friends hearing. The Springfield Police attempted to get a warrant for my arrest but the warrant was denied. So they decided to arrest me anyhow and throw me in jail overnight. This kind of police behavior makes people want to overthrow the government.

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