COMMENTARY:  America and many nations are under attack.  Since 9/11/2001, WWIII was set forth,  and skillfully orchestrated to impact world trade and create worldwide skeletal economies.  The masterminds behind  the Neo-Hitlerism takeover… term themselves as,  “ELITE.” They are overtly corrupt, sick, thieving  goverment/judicial “power” pigs!  They are without conscience, love and/or fear of God!

The following Truth and Action  article also states WWIII has begun (world wars  are worldwide, i.e. corruption and tyranny).  The article further  states  the belief of an imminent attack on the U.S.A.  Fill-teer N Coffee  stipulates …”the U.S. and many nations  ARE now  under attack by their  own governments.   Open borders will, however,  subject the U.S. to many more collaborated, ELITE  attacks”.  -fill-teer n coffee-

“So, I believe World War III has begun, and I believe we’re going to be attacked.
“You just heard, it’s all over TV and radio, that there was an imminent threat against the United States. Do you think that’s going to be the only imminent threat against the United States? You think we took out a building or a compound, and that’s it, there’s no more imminent threats against the United States.”

“This is why it is immoral, it is unconscionable, not to secure that southern border,” said Levin, “and they won’t.” But they certainly should. Levin continued saying:

“This is why calling everybody under the age of 36 a dreamer, so you think you’re talking about some infant, and then conferring a legal status on them is suicide. Doesn’t matter if the vast majority of people here illegally mean us no harm or love the country. It’s not the vast majority that’s the problem from a national security perspective. It’s a problem from an economic and welfare state perspective, but it’s not the problem, when we’re talking about terrorists secreting into this country to do enormous damage.”

For political and ideological reasons, neither the Democrat party, under this president, nor the Republican party, under George Bush, when they controlled both the House and the Senate have done anything to secure the southern border. “The only people who want the southern border secure are  the vast majority of American people, but apparently our opinion doesn’t matter,” laments Mark Levin.
But here it is. World War III has broken out, and Levin reminds us:
“Just remember: WWI, WWII, we weren’t initially involved in those wars in any significant way, but we were pulled in. And World War III has now broken open…”

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