The Truth About Our Beautiful Nation

She's A Vagrant

Before reading the poem, I’d advise you to click on Glossary and check the meaning of words you don’t know. Hope you enjoy reading! :)

screenshot_20160706-114419-2.jpgThe fighter planes which once
Soiled the blue canvas
Painted it with black
Are forgotten now
But the light blue sky still remains
‘Cause beauty is beheld
But the pain ricochets

Where orange is the new black
And mankind goes insane over
Black market blues and catcalls
Where emotions have no outlet
And humanity is capsized by wrecking balls
The truth about our beautiful nation
Lies behind the white walls.

6a64c52b2bd802a7a9d5e4252e2e60d6-2.jpgHere females are either treated as goddesses
Or are victims of eve teasing.
Here rape verdicts are left in a limbo
And its victims are stated guilty.
We talk of a changing world
But there’s a dearth of equality.
We preach feminism
But forget to enforce it.

Oh! How the night sky longs for…

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