Prepare for the Reformation of America!


By Ranting Rita, Student Journalist

All eyes are on America! The United States a republic has always represented high standards. The union soared internationally as a beacon for human rights, freedom and solidarity with its allies and underdeveloped countries.

Over time, what great injustices has the U.S. committed? Policing the world? Spreading evils for the gain of economic power under the guise of democracy? So, America went out to Poli-Tic and forgot to bar its own doors. This resulted in a high traffic of drugs, illegals and terrorist implants.

Our nation’s supposed leaders have abandoned their duties of domestic affairs in exchange for a one world order. There are no checks and balances of government, and there are no sincere politicians that will represent the American people, without fear of losing their own status and wealth.

Corruption has overtaken our nation, grotesquely.The U.S.A. judicial system is not worthy of Implementing justice when it does not stand on the principles of Christianity or the U.S.Constitution. Instead, our judges are engaged in an illegal and corrupt collective bargaining with themselves and capitalist corporation called ‘cronyism’.

Who is stealing property? Who is the cause of America’s economic failures thru the outsourcing jobs? What is the U.S. President doing about it? Where is the resolve to reinstate the checks and balances?

American people, those who we have elected into office together with capitalist corporations (big businesses) are stealing our money and depriving us from the common wealth of the democratic process. In essence, we have no functional government, to stop this massive corruption.

Watch “How To Take Back America!” on YouTube

Watch “The Second American Revolution” on YouTube

4 thoughts on “Prepare for the Reformation of America!

    1. For the American people, Obama is an inexperienced, unripened politician who became President. The capitalist enemies know this and uses Obama’s defects against America. Hillary has demonstrated her incompetence as Secretary of State and the office of U.S. Presidency is not an opportunity for blunderers. Hillary has not demonstrated any patriotism in country or with the ordinary American people (neither has Obama). Her lack of empathy for Americans and her ambitious grab for money (Whitewater scandal) and power, I term … evil.


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