“Lawyer ‘Rats Out’ Judge Mafia”


Our own Court system is laughing at ‘The People’ they are supposed to serve. Our Court justices are becoming so very wealthy stealing from ‘The People’ and investing abroad with oil rich countries.


Only God can help AMERICA and the world out of this ‘Cabal Hellhole’. Nations are being destroyed under the guise of justice and people are too weak to rise up against it.

All of the Nations of the world, must rise up and stand together in Christ against the enemy, then, he will fall and flee. This will be the Third World War, with the enemy defeated on every front, by every nation he has implemented injustice and tyranny.

The Nazis fled to South America, the Cabal will flee to oil rich countries. But we will have the victory in Christ.

Based on facts that our courts and government have become corrupt and tyrannical, we need not ever elect an amateur, anti-Christ, satanic president to office.


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