World War III?


World ExplosionWW3 End Game!

Is WW3 close? Is it happening already? Will it never happen?

If we go by the track record of World Wars, they can only get much, much worse than the previous ones. WW1 was a meaningless war, fought by millions because some European Royal families didn’t like each other. The bloodshed was vast, the Battle of the Somme rendered France’s muddy fields more blood than mud! World War 2 was fought for a legitimate reason at least – it was fought and won by us Allies in order to put an end to Fascism under Stalin and Nazism under Hitler (mustache douche!) and Imperialistic Expansionism from Japan. WW2 was by far the bloodiest war in human history…’s just one example how bad it was; In just one day, during the Normandy Landings, the US Army alone lost a bit over 4000 men, in ONE DAY! That’s…

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